2 Station MDS

AccuWave Plus M8500VET Multi-Parameter Monitor

Accurate and versatile, AccuWave Plus offers an 8-inch TFT LCD high-resolution display and plug-and-play CO2 monitoring option. Parameters include ECG, heart rate, noninvasive blood pressure, pulse oximetry, pulse rate and temperature.

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3 Station MDS


  • 8'' TFT LCD high-resolution display
  • 7-channel ECG waveform display
  • Large font option
  • Digital AccuVet SpO2 technology
  • SunTech noninvasive blood pressure
  • Includes universal pulse oximetry sensor and reflectance pulse oximetry sensor
  • Built-in printer
  • 120 hours tabular and graphic trends
  • ECG replay
  • Monitor + four-year warranty, service and support

Ordering information
AccuWave Plus M8500VET Multi-Parameter Monitor – 078936308

To order products, complete the downloadable product order form and return to us via email or call 1.800.877.8989.

Optional components
Rolling Stand Item Number – 78912512
Rolling Stand with Tilting Top – 78917974
End Tidal CO2 Kit Sidestream – 78912495
End Tidal CO2 Kit Mainstream – 78912497
Wall Mount Bracket – 78937853