Bruker Imaging/Isolation Chamber

Patterson Scientific’s Bruker five-mouse imaging chamber is designed for use with the Bruker optical imaging system. This lab animal anesthesia imaging chamber is sealed such that waste anesthetic gases do not escape into the workplace. The internal five-mouse manifold (sold separately) can be moved laterally and remain connected to its gas source and vacuum source.

This chamber also utilizes Bruker’s warm air technology to keep the animals warm while being imaged.  With the use of HEPA Filters, pathogens cannot get in or out of the imaging chamber if the user wishes to use as an isolation chamber.

The EquaFlow 5-mouse manifold (sold separately) increases throughput for studies using the optical imaging system.

Imaging chamber comes with optical clear aperture on both the top and the bottom.

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Unit measurements:  L=11″  W=9″   H=2.875″

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