View the different adapters used with veterinary anesthesia equipment from Patterson Scientific.

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Anesthesia Circuits

Anesthesia circuits include the F-Style, the MJR Style and the 60" Bain style non-rebreathing circuit.

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Bain Style Non-Rebreathing Circuit Block

This circuit block is designed to be used with a non-rebreathing research anesthesia circuit to monitor proper inflation of the lungs when manually ventilating a patient.

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Rebreathing Bags

Available in sizes for animals ranging in weight from a few grams all the way up to 200 pounds. These heavy-duty bags are designed to provide many months of trouble-free use.

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Mapleson-D Non-Rebreathing System

This system is designed for minimum mechanical dead space when used with research anesthesia nosecones or face masks.

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Posi-Vac Non-Rebreathing System

The Posi-Vac non-rebreathing system is used with an in-house vacuum or Patterson Scientific’s EVAC 2 or 4 to greatly reduce waste anesthetic gases.

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Universal Rodent Nosecone NRB System

This NRB system includes a Mapleson-D type body and nosecone for use with rodents up to 275 grams. For larger rodents, a special nosecone can be purchased.

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Rodent Face Masks

Rodent face masks are made from clear polycarbonate, fit all non-rebreathing anesthesia systems and reduce the amount of anesthetic gases that may leak into the room.

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Mask Stabilizer

Made from aluminum for easy sterilization, this weighted stabilizer keeps the non-rebreathing system and face mask in place while working with rodents.

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Humidifier for Long-Term Rodent Anesthesia

This humidifier allows investigators to conduct longer duration studies using research anesthesia equipment without the risk of dehydration of the subject’s nasal mucosa and lungs.

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Diverter Manifolds

The diverter manifolds are an economical way to control the flow of anesthetic between multiple devices while using only one inhalant anesthesia system.

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EquaFlow Manifold

Our EquaFlow manifolds are designed to prevent unwanted animal awakenings, scavenge 99.99% of waste gas and enhance animal ergonomics.

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Uniflow Single Manifold

Our Uniflow manifold is designed to greatly reduce waste anesthetic gases from the workplace and can easily accommodate one mouse or small rat.

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Multiplex Delivery System (MDS)

The MDS allows the investigator to use up to three stations simultaneously using only one anesthesia vaporizer and ensures proper fresh gas flow rate to each station used.

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Dual Diverter Valve System

The dual diverter valve system is an economical way to control the flow of anesthetic between two devices while using only one inhalant research anesthesia system.

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Rat-Taxic Stereotaxic Nosecone

Rat-Taxic is the only stereotaxic nosecone with incorporated waste gas management.

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SCOOP Stereotaxic Waste Gas Management

The SCOOP is designed for use during mouse stereotaxic procedures using in-house, active waste gas management.

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Waste Anesthetic Gas (WAG) Canister

Contains 2 pounds of the highest quality activated charcoal available to make the WAG Canister the most effective filter on the market.

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