SCOOP Stereotaxic Waste Gas Management

The SCOOP is designed for use during mouse stereotaxic procedures using in-house, active waste gas management.

Stereotaxic nosecones for use with inhalant anesthesia have a notch underneath through which waste anesthetic gases can pass into the environment. Through testing, we have discovered that a large component of the waste gases simply drop down through this notch. As a result, we used our expertise in lab animal anesthesia equipment to design the SCOOP.

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How Patterson Scientific’s SCOOP resolves the issue:

  • In-house, active vacuum must be attenuated to 15 LPM negative flow.
  • When positioned directly beneath a mouse stereotaxic nosecone, the SCOOP effectively removes waste anesthetic gases known to escape through the open notch in the bottom of the stereotaxic nosecone.
  • Connects to the mouse stereotaxic nosecone waste gas outlet to effectively remove waste anesthetic gases directly from the nosecone. 

The SCOOP has been tested at three prestigious institutions with all testing results passing OSHA’s rigorous standards.

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