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Posi-Vac Non-Rebreathing System

The Posi-Vac non-rebreathing system is used with an in-house vacuum or Patterson Scientific’s EVAC 2 or 4 to greatly reduce waste anesthetic gases. Each system includes a Mapleson-D style body, lab animal anesthesia nosecone with incisor bar and waste anesthetic gas collecting shroud. Available in three sizes.

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Ordering information
Posi-Vac NRB System Kit
One of each size

Posi-Vac Extra Small
Shroud 3/4" / Nosecone 7/16''

Posi-Vac Small
Shroud 1" / Nosecone 3/4"

Posi-Vac Large
Shroud 1-1/2" / Nosecone 1-1/4"

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