Rat-Taxic Stereotaxic Nosecone

Patterson Scientific’s Rat-Taxic is the only stereotaxic nosecone with incorporated waste gas management. The Rat-Taxic effectively delivers fresh gas to the subject and removes the waste gases when used in conjunction with an attenuated in-house vacuum source, or Patterson Scientific’s EVAC 4 vacuum system. The Rat-Taxic is specifically for use with rat subjects and will fit any rat size stereotaxic frame. The Rat-Taxic is made of anodized aluminum and can be cleaned in an autoclave (with plastic tubing/adapter removed) or with any disinfectants. 

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Ordering information
Rat-Taxic Stereotaxic Nosecone – 78917519

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Optional components
EVAC 2 –  78918181
EVAC 4 – 78908646
EVAC 4 – 78917664 (no pump – requires in-house vacuum)