This all-inclusive, effective research anesthesia evac system generates a 45 LPM negative flow that can be attenuated to appropriate levels and divided between three anesthesia stations, not including an induction chamber. It is simple and user-friendly, with a compact design. EVAC 4 is designed for users who have one induction and one nose cone or ancillary device.

2-year product warranty

EVAC 4 Operations Manual

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  • Generates a 45 LPM negative flow that can be attenuated to appropriate levels
  • Adjustable negative flowmeters easily activated with toggle switches
  • Available without negative flow generating pump – can then be used to attenuate an active, in-house vacuum source
  • Waste anesthetic gases can be discharged into activated charcoal canister or non-recirculating hood or vent
  • Direct vacuum port can be used with a Vapor-Vac hooded induction chamber in conjunction with one other anesthesia station

Ordering information
EVAC 4 – 078908646
EVAC 4 (no pump – requires in-house vacuum) – 078917664
EVAC 4 (International) – 78926556

To order products, complete the downloadable product order form and return to us via email or call 1.800.877.8989.

Optional components
Rat-Taxic – 78917519
Vapor-Vac Hooded Induction Chamber – 78917760
Posi-Vac Non-Rebreathing System – 78914730, 78914728, 78914729
WAG Activated Charcoal Canister – 78909457
EquaFlow Manifolds – 78919268, 78919271, 78919266, 78919270
Uniflow Single Manifold – 78924212