3 Station MDS

Multiplex Delivery System (MDS)

The MDS allows the investigator to use up to three stations simultaneously using only one anesthesia vaporizer and ensures proper fresh gas flow rate to each station used. This provides maximum safety for the animal subjects. The MDS is available in 2, 3 and 4 flowmeter configurations and includes a pressure relief valve. The pressure relief valve will vent pure O2 (not anesthetic gas) into the environment in the event that the O2 flowmeter on the anesthesia machine is turned on without any individual flowmeters being turned on – preventing vaporizer damage. This pressure relief valve can easily be installed on any research anesthesia system. Color-coded tubing and common outlets are included.

Product warranty 2 years

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2 Station MDS

Ordering information
2 Station MDS – 78914732
3 Station MDS – 78914733
4 Station MDS – 78918185 

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Optional components
The MDS can be installed on the Portable Anesthesia Machine (PAM) without any additional mounting brackets and can be installed on any other research anesthesia system using the Universal Mounting Block – 78914734.