Portable Anesthesia Machine (PAM)

The PAM is engineered to be lightweight, portable, versatile and easy to operate. Investigators and practitioners can easily carry this balanced device from room to room or even out into the field for special procedures. The PAM is designed for use with non-rebreathing systems including the Bain-syle non-rebreathing circuit block.

2-year product warranty 

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This research anesthesia system features:

  • Small footprint – less than one square foot
  • Portable – PAM handle is designed to balance the weight of the device when carried
  • Compact – Can be used on a table top, in a fume hood or in other space-challenged work areas
  • Compatible with Bain-style non-rebreathing circuit block – This non-rebreathing anesthesia system installs easily on the PAM and expands the capability of this portable device 

14.5″ High x 11″ Wide x 8.5″ Deep

Ordering information
PAM Anesthesia System 0-4 LPM Oxygen – 78914722
Pam Anesthesia System 0-12 LPM Oxygen – 78917756
Pam Anesthesia System 0-4 LPM Medical Air – 78917899 

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Optional components
New Precision Vaporizers
Dual Diverter Manifold – 78914724
Tri Diverter Manifold – 78914725
Multiplex Delivery System (MDS) – 2 station 78914732, 3 station 78914733, 4 station 78918185
Humidifier (Nebulizer) – 78914735
Bain Style Non-rebreathing Circuit Block – 78914012
PAM Oxygen Flush Valve Kit – 78910883 

Please note vaporizer is NOT included with PAM.