ProStation Heated Workstation

This compact rodent workstation incorporates features that make it a valuable lab animal product for investigators. Warm water is circulated through the ProStation™ using any warm water heat source currently available, such as the HTP-1500 heat therapy pump.

ProStation works with non-rebreathing systems such as the universal rodent nosecone non-rebreathing system and will accommodate other commonly available non-rebreathing systems. No special adapters or hardware is required.

Restraint attachment points are located around the perimeter of the ProStation work surface to accommodate a variety of restraint options.

The material used in the construction of the ProStation is thermally conductive. However, unlike stainless steel, it will not draw body heat away from the subject. The ProStation is impervious and non-reactive to most disinfectants and may be run through commercial cage washing systems or autoclaves.

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  • Warm water heated work surface
  • Colder quick disconnect fittings
  • Downdraft anesthetic gas evacuation area


  • 3/4″ high x 5″ wide x 13″ deep

Ordering information
ProStation Heated Workstation – 78914731

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Optional components
ProStation is also available as a kit which includes:
ProStation – 078909584
Universal Rodent NRB System – 78909636
Mapleson D Non-Rebranding System – 78909681
Rodent Facemask Small – 78909682
Rodent Facemask Medium, Connections, and Tubing – 78929963