PS900 Cable Oximeter

This compact, portable system provides simple and effective pulse oximetry monitoring for rodents and other small animals. The system includes a USB-ready cable oximeter that plugs into your Windows-based laptop or tablet, easy to download software, an oximetry extension cable and the sensor(s) you need to obtain accurate readings for rodents, cats and small dogs.

The cable oximeter technology and sensors are veterinary specific and can capture pulse rates up to 900 beats per minute! Most veterinary specific technology on the market can only reach pulse rates up to 350 beats per minute. In addition to providing the pulse rate, the Patterson PS900 Cable Oximeter also provides the SpO2%, pulsatile waveform, and perfusion %, as well as trend data that can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet.

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Ordering information

PS900 Cable Oximeter (for use with rat or other pocket pets) – Includes PS900 Cable Oximeter, Extension Cable, Rat Oximetry Sensor Paw, and Rat Oximetry Sensor Tail – 78938072

PS900 Cable Oximeter (for use with mouse or other pocket pets) – Includes PS900 Cable Oximeter, Extension Cable, Mouse Oximetry Sensor Paw, and Mouse Oximetry Sensor Tail – 78938073

PS900 Cable Oximeter (Veterinary, for use with rabbits, cats, dogs) – Includes PS900 Cable Oximeter, Oximetry Y Sensor with clip, and Sensor Oximetry Reflective – 78938074

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