Slide Top Induction Chambers

Patterson Scientific slide top induction chambers feature positive sliding tops that reduce exposure to waste anesthetic gases when compared to hinge/lift top style induction chambers. They also allow for quick and easy access to the animal inside the chamber.

Our slide top induction chambers are constructed of durable PVC plastic. Unlike research anesthesia induction chambers made out of acrylic, these chambers are shatter resistant and will not break down when exposed to harsh cleaning agents. The fresh and waste anesthetic gas inlet and outlet adapters are industry standard 15 mm ID x 19 mm OD. Handles are made from durable acetal material for strength and cleanliness.

1-year product warranty 

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  • Durable PVC plastic
  • Durable acetal handle
  • Inlet adapter 15 mm ID
  • Outlet adapter 19 mm OD


Single Mouse Chamber (XX-Small)

  • 5″ H x 2-1/2″ W x 2-1/2″ L
  • 0.5 liters

Single Mouse Chamber (X-Small)

  • 4-1/4″ H x 4-1/4″ W x 4-1/4″ L
  • 1.25 liters

Mouse Chamber (Small)

  • 4-5/8″ H x 4-1/4″ W x 9-1/4″ L
  • 3.0 liters

Mouse and Rat Chamber (Large)

  • 5-3/4″ H x 5-15/16″ W x 11-3/4″ L
  • 5.4 liters

Ordering information

Single Mouse Chamber (XX-Small) – 78940014
Single Mouse Chamber (X-Small) – 78933389
Mouse Chamber (Small) – 78933388
Mouse and Rat Chamber (Large) – 78933387

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